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No Purchase Order, No Pay Approach

We apply a 'No Purchase Order (PO), No Pay' approach. Make sure you have a purchase order before you provide any goods or services to Smith+Nephew.

To help the billing process run smoothly, please check that the purchase order details are correct and aligned to your expectations. If something is not correct on your purchase order, please let us know before proceeding.

A number of invoices we receive do not match the respective purchase orders, which can lead to delayed payments. Please check that the details on your invoice are an exact match to what's on your purchase order:

  • PO number
  • price
  • quantity
  • unit of measure
  • number of line items.

Anything that is not an exact match with the purchase order could be rejected or subject to further Smith+Nephew approvals, which may delay your payment.

An effective payment process depends on the information we hold for each supplier to be correct and up to date. If there are any changes, such as an address or the banking details, please let us know via your Smith+Nephew contact (email address visible as Requestor on your Ariba purchase order).

Note: Where available, Ariba online invoicing is our preferred invoice method. It is fast, reliable and means any issues can be resolved quickly.

Once the invoice is created and automatically matched to the PO, payments will be made according to the agreed payment terms.