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WEREWOLF FASTSEAL 6.0 Hemostasis Wand


Precision powered performance

Blood loss management in total joint arthroplasty has traditionally been limited to tourniquet use, surgical approach or monopolar electrocautery. The WEREWOLF FASTSEAL 6.0 Wand supports hemostasis in soft-tissue and bone using bipolar radio frequency (RF) technology.

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WEREWOLF FASTSEAL 6.0 Wand features

Discover how the FASTSEAL Wand works, and how to use it in clinical practice. Watch:


Auxiliary control allows immediate access to maximum power and flow settings when required

    Handle geometry and grip features minimize slipping or
rotating in the hand during use1

    Average peak temperature approximately 200°C lower
than monopolar electrocautery,* operating at a peak
current limit of 1.5 amps (compared to 3.2 amps for
Aquamantys™ 6.0)2-5

Using the WEREWOLF FASTSEAL 6.0 Wand

The FASTSEAL Wand is compatible only with the WEREWOLF+ System – a single unit suitable for use across various sports medicine, orthopaedic and ENT procedures.


WEREWOLF FASTSEAL 6.0 Wand in practice

Compared to monopolar electrocautery, using the FASTSEAL Wand at the maximum setting has demonstrated less visible charring of soft-tissue (ex vivo).**6

Figure 1: WEREWOLF FASTSEAL 6.0 Wand


Figure 2: Monopolar device

Suitable indications

The WEREWOLF FASTSEAL 6.0 Wand can be used in open orthopaedic procedures for hemostasis of soft-tissue and bone. Click to view more on:

Total knee arthroplasty


Total hip arthroplasty

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*Single device tested 30 times
**As demonstrated ex vivo at maximum settings, single device tested 30 times


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Designed using COBLATION technology, a single unit is available to use for all your Sports Medicine, ENT and orthopedic procedures.


Reconstruction implants for total joint arthroplasty including TKA and THA

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