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Vacuum Mixer


No matter what cement you're using, the VORTEX Vacuum Mixer is clinically proven to deliver a better mix. VORTEX is stirring up traditional vacuum mixers. The ergonomically angled base means a consistent homogenous mix every time. The time-saving crank - three revolutions every time you turn the handle - means less effort and less stirring, cutting down on the amount of air bubbles caused by vigorous stirring. The monomer port reduces fumes and provides a better, more consistent mix. And all of the mixer components are sterile and completely disposable.

The right blend of advantages

In comparison testing against competitive mixers, VORTEX delivered more cement when mixing one and two units, and slightly more when three units were used. VORTEX also releases less monomer fumes than competitive mixers. But one of the most apparent differences is the mixer itself. Competitive mixers mix cement in a bowl, forcing you to transfer the cement into another chamber for syringe applications. Since cement is mostly delivered via syringe, that isn't very practical. VORTEX mixes the cement directly in the syringe delivery chamber, eliminating the extra step. And for those who prefer applying by hand, VORTEX can function as a bowl, too. A better design means a better mix. A better mix means better results in the O.R. The VORTEX Vacuum Mixer. Stirring up results.

Efficient and Safe

  • No assembly required prior to use
  • Gear driven
  • Mixes all types of cement
  • Easy to use
  • Can mix from one-half unit to three units of cement at one time
  • Can function as both a syringe and bowl mixer
  • Adapts to Smith & Nephew and Stryker cement guns
  • Reduces cement waste in dispensing phase
  • Monomer fumes reduced
  • Re-use kit allows a second mixing in the same procedure without an all-new mixer


  • Angled
  • Gear driven
  • Durable - sturdy stirring element provides consistent mix
  • Charcoal filter located inside mixer
  • Transparent top enables user to see cement while mixing


A full line of accessories is available for use with the VORTEX Vacuum Mixer. For further simplicity, VORTEX is compatible with a wide variety of nozzles and pressurizers.