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Small Bone Plating System

VLP MINI-MOD Small bone Plating System


VLP MINI-MOD Small Bone Plating System is a modular mini-fragment system designed to treat small bone fractures and small bone fragments.


  • 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.4mm Utility Plates and Screws
  • 3.0mm Osteopenia Screws for patients with poor bone quality
  • Plates and Screws made of titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V)
  • Mesh plates that can be contoured and cut to address unpredictable fractures
  • Modular tray system that can be customized to your needs
  • VLP Variable-Angle Locking Screw technology, which requires no screw-in drill guides and has proven success in its use with the PERI-LOC VLP and VLP FOOT systems
  • Applications for foot and ankle, and hand and wrist fracture repair


Plate Options

  • 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.4mm plate options
  • 24 pre-contoured titanium plates
  • Y-Plate, T-Plate, Straight plate, Stout plates, and Mesh plate that allows for cutting (2.4mm plate)


Screw Options

1.5mm screws (6 to 24mm lengths)

  • Locking and cortex screws

2.0mm screws (up to 50mm lengths)

  • Locking and cortex screws

2.4mm screws (up to 80mm lengths)

  • Locking and cortex screws

3.0mm screws (up to 80mm lengths)

  • Osteopenia screw


Color-coded Trays

VLP MINI-MOD color coded tray image

Specialized Instruments

  • Provisional fixation wires
  • Bending rods
  • Plate holders



The VLP MINI-MOD Small Bone Plating System is indicated for adolescent (12 – 18 years) and transitional adolescent (18 – 21 years) subpopulations and adults, as well as patients with osteopenic bone. The VLP MINI-MOD Small Bone Plating System is indicated for fracture fixation, arthrodesis, reconstruction, replantation or reduction of small bones and small bone fragments. This system is also indicated for non-load bearing stabilization and reduction of bone fragments in long bones.

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