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Bone Cement


VERSABOND is a medium viscosity bone cement which can be used for hip, knee, and shoulder implant fixation.VERSABOND has superior handling and mechanical properties. VERSABOND is optimized for vacuum mixing, but can also be hand-mixed with few air inclusions and no powder clumping. VERSABOND meets customer needs by working well with cement gun/syringe delivery systems or by manual application.

VERSABOND is not Gamma Sterilized like some other bone cements on the market. To retain its fatigue strength and high molecular weight,VERSABOND is EtO sterilized. It has low porosity levels which contribute to improved cement performance.

VERSABOND also features unique packaging to help avoid potential pitfalls during the cement-mixing technique. The packaging provides a clean, easy way to pour the powder with its unique Tyvek* covered cement powder boat. This mechanism eliminates spillage and difficult-to-open pouches. In addition, the blister pack is completely sterile so it holds the glass monomer bottles in a protective package until it is time to mix. This minimizes any chance of the monomer bottles breaking on the sterile table.

*VERSABOND is a trademark of Smith & Nephew. Tyvek is a registered trademark of E.I. Dupont de Nemours.