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Meniscal Repair System

Ultra FAST-FIX Meniscal Repair System


When the original FAST-FIX Meniscal Repair System was introduced in 2001, it set the benchmark for non-invasive, all-inside repairs. Thanks to its preloaded implants, pre-tied sliding knot, and innovative pusher/cutter device, this innovative system lets surgeons deploy two implants vertically or horizontally on either side of the meniscus, tighten the suture, and trim the excess.

Building on the success of the FAST-FIX system, the all-new ULTRA FAST-FIX system was designed.

Fast and easy
Unlike conventional suture-based repair systems, the ULTRA FAST-FIX system is an implant system with a pre-tied, self-sliding knot that eliminates the need for intra-articular knot tying.

System provides a strong, reproducible and reliable meniscal repair with biomechanical properties equal to that of the open, vertical mattress stitch suture technique.

Contains no hard device heads
Minimizes trauma to articular cartilage

Easy knot sliding with ULTRABRAID suture
This suture offers advantages over traditional polyester suture, including a high knot-breaking strength, ideal lubricity and a strong resistance to fraying.

Choice of implants
Implants available in PPEEK-OPTIMA® or PLLA

Curved and reverse curved needles
Curved needles promote safe and easy access to a multitude of tear sites. The reverse-curved needle is designed for repairing tears on the inferior surface. Because the needle's point is on the opposite side of the curve, it can enter the inferior area without skiving the meniscus or the tibial plateau.

Download white paper "Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of the ULTRA FAST-FIX Meniscal Repair System in a Bovine Meniscus Model" (PDF)

Ordering Information

72201491 ULTRA FAST-FIX, Curved 
72201492 ULTRA FAST-FIX, Reverse Curved
72201494 ULTRA FAST-FIX AB, Curved
72201495 ULTRA FAST-FIX AB, Reverse Curved
72201537 Knot Pusher/Suture Cutter
7210977 Slotted Cannula, Reusable
015186 Meniscal Depth Probe, Reusable
014549 45 degree Diamond Rasp, Reusable
014550 90 degree Diamond Rasp, Reusable
7210450 Suture Funnel, sterile, box of 10
7209950 Suture Threaders, sterile, box of 10
011703 Sterilization Tray