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Suture Anchor


Product Information

TWINFIX Ultra PK Suture Anchors from Smith & Nephew provide surgeons with “best in class” pullout strength, high-strength ULTRABRAID Suture, and multiple hole preparation options for any bone quality.

  • Transitional thread design enables secure fixation with distal “cutting” and proximal “locking” threads, which means easy insertion and stronger pullout strength than competitive products1 even in poor quality bone.
  • Loaded with ULTRABRAID suture inside the body of the anchor means stronger knots than competitors with a low profile knot stack.2
  • General hole preparation instrument offers solutions suitable for all qualities of bone.

With a modulus similar to cortical bone, PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer from Invibio® exhibits an ideal combination of strength, stiffness and toughness, together with biocompatibility.


1 Data on file at Smith & Nephew: ITR-4206, ITR 4039. ITR-4018 and ITR-4091.
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