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Titanium Suture Anchors

TWINFIX 3.5mm and 2.8 HS, and MINITAC 2.0 Suture Anchors

Product Information

TWINFIX Ti 3.5mm Suture Anchor

TWINFIX Ti 3.5mm Suture Anchor

  • Excellent anchor combined with an appropriately-sized inserterfor lateral ankle instability repairs.
  • Titanium (Ti) suture anchors provide strength and stability for a reliable fixation solution.
  • Transitional thread design provides secure fixation with distal “cutting” threads for easy insertion and proximal “locking” threads to provide pull-out strength even in poor bone quality.1
  • Elongated distal trocar tip allows anchor to be self-tapping; without the need to predrill in most bone qualities.
  • Accompanied by drill and drill guide (sold separately).


Watch the Ankle Instability Repair Animation


TWINFIX Ti 2.8 HS Anchor

TWINFIX Ti 2.8 HS Suture Anchors

  • No predrilling required
  • Made of radiopaque titanium



MINITAC Ti 2.0 Suture Anchors

MINITAC Ti 2.0 Suture Anchors

  • Strong, reliable and ergonomic anchors designed for demanding foot and ankle procedures
  • Provide superior pull-out strength.
  • Shorter inserter shaft gets the surgeon's hands closer to the surgical site.
  • Available with and without needles.