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Knee Nail






Made of Titanium 6AI-4V


An alloy that offers strength and biocompatibility.


Hybrid Bow

Allows the implant to be used in the femur or tibia.


Oblique Screw Holes

The driving end of the nail offers two 25 oblique screw holes and one transverse screw hole. The multi-plane fixation is designed to offer more stable fixation of the fracture. Unique hole patterns offer versatility in fracture management.


A/P & M/L Screw Holes

The non-driving end of the nail offers the choice of two anterior/posterior or two medial/lateral screw options. The design allows for more options in fracture management and better stability in some fracture patterns.


Dynamization Slot

The non-driving end of the implant offers a compression slot in the medial/lateral plane. This allows the fracture to be dynamized while maintaining rotational stability.


Cannulated - Round Shape

Allows the implant to be inserted over a Guide Rod and aids in removal.


Diameter choices

Standard sizes are 10 mm, 11.5 mm and 13 mm diameters. Addresses many without carrying a large inventory of implants.


Specialty Knee Nail

For tibia fractures only, the 8.5 mm diameter is available for small-stature patients.




Design Rationale

Designed with a hybrid bow to allow the implant to be used to treat femoral shaft fractures in the retrograde mode or tibia shaft fractures. The short Knee Nail is used in the femur for supracondylar fractures or in the ankle for ankle arthrodesis.


Unique hole patterns offer versatility in fracture management.

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Indications for the TRIGEN Knee Intramedullary Nail

The TRIGEN Knee Nail is indicated for shaft fractures between the proximal and distal third of the tibia. Indications include transverse, comminuted, spiral, oblique,and segmental fractures. The Knee Nail may also be used for treatment of non unions or malunions as well as prophylactic nailings of impending pathological fractures.