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External Fixator

TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME external fixator

Product Information

Features and Benefits of the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME

Stability: Circular construct allows near immediate weight bearing, accelerating fracture healing and increasing bone strength. 2

Adjustability: Unlike ORIF, the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME system allows for postoperative fracture reduction and alignment correction. 1

Versatility: Using fixed angled pins in multiple planes offers optimized stability while minimizing soft tissue damage. 1,3


The TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME is a circular, metal frame with two rings that connect with six telescopic struts that can be independently lengthened or shortened relative to the rest of the frame. This allows for six different axes of movement, which gives the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME the ability to correct even the most difficult congenital deformities and trauma cases; providing treatment for a variety of skeletal fractures, malunions, and nonunions. By definition, external fixation enables percutaneous reduction, percutaneous fixation and is minimally invasive to soft tissues. With streamlined instrumentation and innovative hardware, the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME system offers the maximum benefits of a circular fixator without the complexity.

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How is it used?

The TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME is an external device for limb correction, lengthening and/or straightening that is based on the ILIZAROV™ Method. This external fixator takes advantage of the body's natural ability to grow healthy new bone tissue and gives the surgeon the ability to accurately move bones to their correct precise anatomic alignment. The TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME provides a single solution for correcting your most challenging cases on the arm, leg, or foot.

  • Limb correction, lengthening and/or straightening
  • Complex fractures such as intra-articular fractures
  • Deformities

We have a dedicated web application that allows you to add cases or research The web-based software makes planning for cases and correction areas easier. Watch the video demonstration for a step by step guide to using the website.


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1. The mechanics of external fixation. HSS J. 2007 Feb;3(1):13-29.

2. Fracture healing in rat femora as affected by functional weight-bearing. Sarmiento A, Schaeffer JF, Beckerman,L, Latta LL, Enis JE. J. Bone Joint Surg Am. 1977 Apr:59(3):369-75.

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