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Series Camera System


The SV420 camera series offers the perfect combination of image detail and illumination in a single-CCD system.

The Smith & Nephew SV420 Series Single-CCD Camera System combines exceptional image detail with superior illumination. In addition to its many high-tech features, the SV420 System is ergonomic and simple to use; two buttons on the SV420H Camera Head provide control of automatic white balance and one peripheral device. The Smith & Nephew 420XL Light Source provides bright and color-correct illumination as well as patient-safety standby control to minimize patient risk during surgery. Excellent engineering, efficient design, and exceptional performance - the qualities you expect for the leader in endoscope imaging.


SV420P Camera Control Unit

SV420P Camera Control Unit
Resolution (768 x 494) NTSC
(752 x 582) PAL;
Profiles Up to 10 user profiles in memory
Languages5 in menu
ShutterElectronic- (1/50 to 1/100,000)
Signal to Noise Ratio 52 dB
Weight 25000 g
Outputs 2 Y/C (1Vcc and 0.3 Vic/75W) NTSC or PAL 2 composite video (1 Vcc.75W) NTSC or PAL
Power Supply (100 - 230V-) - (50-60 Hz)
Power Consumption 25 VA max
CE Conforms to European directive 93/42/EEC

420XL Xenon Light Source

420 XL Xenon Light Source
Lamp180 Watt Xenon
Color Temperature 5800° K
Standby safety button Yes
Front Panel Display Lamp Hours and Brightness
Power Consumption 260 VA
Power Supply 100-230 V-; 50-60 Hz
Standard Adaptor Storz®
Weight5000 g
Dimensions l 300 mm; w 311 mm;
h 125 mm
Fuses 2
CE Conforms to European directive 93/42/EEC

SV420H Single-CCD Camera Head

Imaging Devices High sensitivity 1/3" CCD
Definition470 lines
Sensitivity1.5 lux
Remote Control2-button control of white balance and accessories
Cable Silicone, 3.60 m
Weight200 g
CE Conforms to European directive 9342/EEC

SV422 Video Coupler

SizeF22 objective
Endoscope AdaptorFree-floating, M-type

Ordering Information

All camera control units and light sources come complete with power cords, manuals and cables (where applicable).

Ref Description
72200511SV420P Camera Control Unit, NTSC, US
72200512SV420P Camera Control Unit, PAL, Spain
72200513 SV420P Camera Control Unit, PAL, France
72200514 SV420P Camera Control Unit, PAL, Germany
72200515 SV420P Camera Control Unit, PAL, Italy
72200516 SV420P Camera Control Unit, PAL, Sweden
72200517 SV420P Camera Control Unit, PAL, Netherlands
72200518 SV420P Camera Control Unit, PAL, UK
72200519 SV420P Camera Control Unit, PAL, International
72200507 SV420H Single-CCD Camera Head, NTSC
72200508 SV420H Single-CCD Camera Head, PAL
72200509SV422 Coupler, 22 mm
72200520 420XL Light Source, US
72200521420XL Light Source, Spain
72200522420XL Light Source, France
72200523 420XL Light Source, Germany
72200524 420XL Light Source, Italy
72200525420XL Light Source, Sweden
72200526 420XL Light Source, Netherland
72200527 420XL Light Source, UK
72200528 420XL Light Source, International