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Modular Shoulder System

PROMOS Modular shoulder

Product Overview

Product Overview of PROMOS Modular Shoulder System

  • Universal:  Three surgical plans.  One instrument set
  • Cementless fixation of humeral component is predictable and proven
  • With PROMOS Standard, anatomic reconstruction restores function
  • With PROMOS REVERSE you can convert, rather than revise
  • Fracture procedure made easy with distal stem fixation and in-situ implant assembly

Indications of PROMOS Modular Shoulder System:

  • Standard Shoulder
  • Reverse Shoulder
  • Shoulder Fracture

Download the PROMOS Product Brochure


 PROMOS REVERSE Shoulder System

Caution: Federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits of PROMOS Shoulder

PROMOS is a Shoulder Arthroplasty PLATFORM with unified design for standard, reverse and fracture indications. Implant modularity offered by this system allows the surgeon to decide inside the OR whether to perform a primary or a reverse shoulder procedure. 

In-situ Anatomical Reconstruction

In situ assembly of the PROMOS components matches the implant to the patient’s anatomy:

  • A custom fit every time
  • Positions the prosthetic humeral head to the center of the glenoid by restoring the patient’s retroversion and humeral head height
  • Allows for rotational and translational movement of the humeral head to more closely approximate the anatomy

Seamless Convertibility

A well-fixed stem shouldn’t have to be removed.

  • Less harmful to the patient
  • Easier to perform for a surgeon than a full revision
  • Lower cost to healthcare providers

Hassle-Free Fracture Fixation

Cementless fixation of humeral component improves the predictability of your proximal humeral fracture fixation in arthritic patients

  • The PROMOS system features easy in situ adaptability with an anatomically sized humeral head and cementless stem fixation. 
  • Unique modular body design simplifies head height adjustment and allows secure, anatomical tuberosity fixation.

Unified Instrumentation

  • One instrument set for reverse, total shoulder and fracture repair
  • The surgeon learns and performs each technique using one instrument set regardless of the patient’s indication
  • Adaptability designed to simplify your procedure – not to add unnecessary complexity

Simple Revision

With PROMOS REVERSE, you can convert rather than revise

  • Avoid stem removal which may cause bone loss and fractures
  • Second surgeries can be made less difficult
  • Avoid other possible complications caused by stem removal

High Torsional Stability

  • Dual-taper, rectangular cross section achieves primary stability and builds on the Zweymuller anchorage philosophy proven by 25+ years of successful diaphyseal fixation
  • Biomechanical testing of rectangular humeral shaft prosthesis proved to offer higher torsional stability without increased fracture risk*

*Biomechanical testing of rectangular humeral shaft prosthesis: higher torsional stability without increased fracture risk by Matthias P. Flury, Werner Schmoelz, Ulrich Schreiber, Joerg Goldhahn

 PROMOS Features and Benefits

Implant Information

Humeral Stem: The Foundation of PROMOS


  • Diaphyseal fixation based upon the Zweymuller hip philosophy.
  • Rotational stability: dual tapered, rectangular cross-section.
  • Grit-blasted surface promotes on-growth.
  • Half-sizes allow additional height adjustment.

PROMOS Shoulder Replacement Stems

Standard Body: Adjusts Height and Version

  • Allows fine adjustment of version after stem is fixed.
  • Capable of rotating 360o, anatomy permitting. 
  • 3 heights:  30mm, 35mm, 40mm
  • 135o neutral inclination


Inclination Set: Provides Offset and Axis of Rotation

  • Humeral head can be positioned to precisely match the anatomic head; Morse taper.
  • 4 neck lengths provide variable offset: 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm
  • 360º rotation of the inner cone as well as the sleeve allows inclination adjustment of +/- 12º; body is fixed at 135º, which means range of inclination: 123º - 147º

PROMOS inclination shoulder replacement set

Humeral Head: Precise Coverage of the Osteotomy

  • Location determined by stem height, body height, inclination height and angle
  • Height increases proportionally with radius.
  • Morse taper

PROMOS Humeral Head

Glenoid: Pegged Glenoid for Stability


4 pegs with cement pockets for excellent stability

Anatomic shape

Sizes 1 – 4 for ideal coverage of the glenoid fossa

3 – 5mm mismatch between humeral head and glenoid radius.

Choice of 4 radii (for humeral heads)

PROMOS Glenoid

Reverse Body:  Avoid Stem Removal in Revision Procedures

Determines height and retroversion

3 heights (5mm, 10mm, 15mm)
2 diameters to match glenosphere (36mm, 42mm)

Morse taper with set screw

155º inclination to prevent subluxation
Adjusts the center of rotation; lengthens lever arm of the deltoid

PROMOS Reverse body

PE Insert: Adjustable Offset and Height

Articulates with the glenosphere

Affects offset and height.
3 heights (6mm, 9mm, 12mm)
2 diameters to match the glenosphere (36mm, 42mm)

PROMOS PE inserts

Glenosphere: Eccentric Head to Avoid Scapular Notching

Concentric and 5mm Eccentric

Eccentric head reduces the possibility of scapular notching.

2 diameters (36mm, 42mm)

Select as large as possible

Engages glenoid baseplate with a Morse Taper and set screw

PROMOS shoulder glenosphere
Glenoid Baseplate:  Anatomic Shaped and Fixed-angled Bone Screws

  • Anatomic shape; curved for stability
  • One size corresponding to the Size 1 glenoid fits most of the glenoids.
  • 2 fixed-angle, locked glenoid bone screws provide solid primary fixation.
  • 6.0mm screws in 5 lengths (20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm)
  • Ti plasma spray coating provides secondary fixation.

PROMOS Shoulder glenoid baseplate

Surgical Techniques

Surgical Techniques for PROMOS Shoulder System

Standard Shoulder Replacement Technique

PROMOS Standard surgical technique step by step image

Download the Standard Surgical Technique


Reverse Shoulder Replacement Technique

PROMOS Reverse surgical technique step by step guide

Standard to ReversePROMOS shoulder standard to reverse step by step surgical technique guide

Download the Reverse/Revision Surgical Technique 

Shoulder Fracture Technique


Download the PROMOS Shoulder Fracture Surgical Technique

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Caution: US Federal law restricts the sale of these devices to or on the order of a physician.