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Electrosurgical Cutting Probes

Ligament Chisel electrosurgical cutting probes


The Smith & Nephew ELECTROTHERMAL ARTHROSCOPY SYSTEM (EAS) offers the widest range of resection probes with tip styles that allow the surgeon to match the probe to the target treatment site.

LIGAMENT CHISEL ElectroSurgical Probes are designed for use in the shoulder, knee, hip, and small joints as well as for a variety of clinical applications including lateral release, plica excision, capsular release, coracromial ligament resection, and menisectomy.

LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe, Straight -provides forward cutting and hemostasis for procedures such as meniscal contouring and resecting. The malleable shaft simplifies access.

LIGAMENT CHISEL  Probe, Angled - combines aggressive soft tissue removal with distinct feedback for procedures such as subacromial decompression and notchplasty. The angled tip removes soft tissue from bone with minimal bubbling or tissue charring.

LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe, Curved - offers a smooth, precise cut and the ability to resect tissue by layers for procedures such as lateral release or plica excision.

LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe, Hook - delivers pinpoint coagulation in areas that may be difficult to access. The radius tip reduces tissue snagging, providing smoother and more controlled resection.

  • Eight probe styles provide a wide range of options for resecting and coagulation
  • Malleable probe shafts allow customized access for varying anatomy and portal demands
  • Single patient use enhances operating room efficiency

Autoprobe generator recognition simplifies set-up and use For precise hemostatic resection and ablation, choose LIGAMENT CHISEL ElectroSurgical Probes - only from Smith & Nephew, a world leader in technique innovation for endoscopy.



Ordering Information

Ref Description
Knee & Shoulder
7209649 LIGAMENT CHISEL  Probe - Straight
7209648 LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe - Angled
7209647 LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe - Curved
7209646 LIGAMENT CHISEL  Probe - Hook

Small Joint
7209645 Micro LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe - Angled
7209644 Micro LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe - Curved
7209643 Micro LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe - Hook

7209663 EFLEX LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe - Designed for use with the 7209693 Smith & Nephew ELECTROTHERMAL Generator Connector Cable

Smith & Nephew ELECTROTHERMAL Generator and Accessories
7209673 Smith & Nephew ELECTROTHERMAL Generator - Includes: generator, footswitch, and power cord
7209687 Split Electrode Pad (Valley Lab)
7209597 Probe Bender
7209693 Connector Cable