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Patellofemoral Joint System



The JOURNEY PFJ is designed to treat patellofemoral OA and restore normal patellar tracking. There are four sizes: extra small, small, medium and large. The implants are asymmetric to reproduce the normal anatomy’s lateralized trackingof the patella.

The JOURNEY UNI and PFJ knee systems have been engineered to empower patients with a renewed right to an active lifestyle and seek to bridge the gap of improving patient satisfaction and implant longevity through function, motion, and durability.

Paired with the NAVIO Surgical System, JOURNEY Partial Knee procedures can utilize the benefits of intraoperative planning software and robotic assistance to enable precise implant placement and soft-tissue balance

NAVIO Surgical System Information


Optimized patellar tracking

  • Lateralized trochlear groove improves patellofemoral tracking throughout flexion and extension
  • Available in OXINIUM material, the only advanced bearing surface for patellofemoral replacement

Anatomic fit

  • Deepened trochlear groove improves on previous designs, resulting in smoother patellar tracking
  • Asymmetric design, featuring four sizes

Resurfacing trochlear instrumentation

  • Allows for controlled trochlear preparation
  • Proprietary, bone-sparing instrumentation


JOURNEY PFJ Indications

Patellofemoral arthritis in the presence of a normal tibiofemoral joint, preferably in older patients. The procedure will not correct any fixed deformity of the tibiofemoral joint which therefore should be regarded as a contraindication. However, major malalignment of the extensor mechanism can be corrected provided adequate bone and/or soft tissue realignment procedures are performed. Most suitable cases will have developed PFOA following extensor mechanism instability which is usually associated with trochlear dysplasia. Such cases are ideal since the tibiofemoral joint will tend to be pristine. Frequently such individuals have severe disability in their 50s and can be helped by patellofemoral replacement which removes very little bone and is therefore much preferred to a total knee replacement.

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