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Thanks to ongoing improvements in technology, recent developments in surgical techniques, and the increasing acceptance of its benefits, hip arthroscopy is a field that continues to grow in importance. Smith & Nephew remains committed to partnering with surgeons to deliver the most innovative products in this area. We offer the broadest line of hip arthroscopy products in the industry, including creative solutions that meet the unique challenges associated with hip procedures.

Hip cannula set


Smith & Nephew's arthroscopic hip cannula set enhances your ability to gain optimal access to the joint space. The color-coded cannulae are compatible with standard length knee scopes, and the cannulae and obturators are available in both cannulated and solid varieties. Best of all, the system allows you to purchase individual components to fit your preferred surgical technique.

Developed in cooperation with J.W. Thomas Byrd MD

Shaver Blades

We offer a full line of extra length straight and curved shaver blades. Our unique 5.7 mm flexible cannula and slotted cannula permit the use of curved instrumentation, offering truly effective access to the joint.

Video Arthroscopes

Smith & Nephew VideoArthroscopes provide sharp images throughout the entire field of view with a standard 4.0 mm length, 30° or 70° wide angle.

Hand Instruments

Our hip-specific manual instruments include a patented, pinless hinge that enables manipulation and resection of soft tissue.

Hip Access System


System facilitates rapid portal creation, exchange, and instrument passage. The Smith & Nephew Hip Director Guide provides accurate and reproducible access to the anterior portal without the need for fluoroscopy. By reducing the number of attempts to gain entry to the joint, it reduces risk of injury and shortens overall traction time. A specifically designed T-handle, switching stick, portal enlarger and slotted cannula all facilitate rapid portal exchange and easy introduction of working instruments.

Developed in cooperation with Victor Ilizaliturri, Jr., MD



EFLEX ELECTROTHERMAL Probes are deflectable up to 100°. This feature gives you access to anatomy that is difficult to reach with conventional instruments. Available with Smith & Nephew TAC-S , ABLATOR , and LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe tip configurations, EFLEX Probes can help simplify complex soft tissue procedures like labral resection, synovectomy, scar tissue excision and release, loose body excision, and impinging acetabular contents.

Developed in cooperation with Marc J. Philippon, MD

Ordering Information

Hip Access System
7210580 Hip director aimer
7210581 Hip director bullet
7205517 Director handle
7210583 Switching Stick
7210582 Portal enlarger
7210584 Modular T-handle
7210585 Pistol grip slotted cannula
7210643 Sterilization tray
Hip Arthroscopy Set
7209345 3.0 mm Cannula, inflow
7207748 4.5 mm Cannula, operative, (no holes)
7207745 5.0 mm Cannula, operative, (no holes)
7207742 5.5 mm Cannula, operative, (no holes)
7210393 5.5 mm Slotted cannula
Basket Punches
7207545 Rotary, 2.2 mm, left, loop handle
7207544 Rotary, 2.2 mm, right, loop handle
7207735 Scoop, 1.5 mm upbiter
7207736 DUCKLING , upbiter
7207737 DUCKLING , upswept
7207733 Narrowline upbiter
7207734 Narrowline upbiter, curved right
7207749 4.5 mm Obturator, conical, used with REF 7207748
7207750 4.5 mm Obturator, cannulated, used with REF 7207
7207746 5.0 mm Obturator, conical used with REF 7207745
7207747 5.0 mm Obturator, cannulated, used with REF 7207745
7207743 5.5 mm Obturator, conical, used with REF 7207742
7207744 5.5 mm Obturator, cannulated, used with REF 7207742
7207751 5.5 mm Obturator, long, cannulated, used with disposable cannula REF 7205360
7210392 5.5 mm Obturator, cannulated, used with slotted cannula REF 7210393
Irrigation Extenders
7209346 Irrigation extender with valve
7209347 Irrigation extender with INTELLIJET inflow port
7209348 Irrigation extender with INTELLIJET inflow port and valve
7207699 Grasper, alligator max
7207700 Grasper, cupped, 3.4 mm
7207731 PITBULL Grasper
7207732 Raptor rongeur
7207934 Hip arthroscopy sterilization tray
7207760 Probe, 3 mm (will fit 4.5 mm cannula)
6905019 Switching stick, 4.5 mm cannulated
7209351 Cap, inflow
3801 Switching stick
72200026 Fluid seal adaptor
72200027 Fluid seal, box of 25
Single Use Accessories
7205360 Cannula, 5.7 mm disposable, package of 6
7205395 Guide wire, Nitinol, 1.2 mm x 18" (45 cm), package of 3
7209350 Arthroscopy needle
7209874 Disposable Hip Pac; sterile, includes 3 guidewires and 2 arthroscopic needles

Probes, Blades and Arthroscopes
Radiofrequency Probes
7209666 EFLEX ABLATOR Probe
7209637 EFLEX TAC-S Probe
7209693 VULCAN Extension Cable
EP-1 /Smith & Nephew DYONICS Power Shaver Blades
7205335 4.5 mm Long, curved, full radius concave, package of 3
7205336 4.5 mm Long, curved, full radius convex, package of 3
7205341 4.5 mm Long full radius, package of 3
72200082 5.5 mm Abrader, package of 3
72200080 4.0 mm Abrader, package of 3
7205343 4.5 mm Long INCISOR , package of 3
7205922 VideoArthroscope, 4.0 mm, 30°
3628 VideoArthroscope, 4.0 mm, 70°
7205928 VideoArthroscope, autoclavable, 4.0 mm, 30°
7209401 VideoArthroscope, autoclavable, 4.0 mm, 70°
7205827 Direct View VideoArthroscope, 4.0 mm, 30°
3623 Direct View VideoArthroscope, 4.0 mm, 70°
3894 Direct View VideoArthroscope, autoclavable, 4.0 mm, 30°
3895 Direct View VideoArthroscope, autoclavable, 4.0 mm, 70°

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