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Suture Anchors

HEALICOIL Suture Anchor for Hip Arthroplasty

Product Information

Advancing arthroscopic repair of gluteus medius tendon tears1

The first suture anchor for gluteus medius and minimus repairs from Smith & Nephew. Significant advances in hip arthroscopy have led to this emerging technique, which has a high success rate in treating pain and restoring strength to the gluteus medius muscle.1

Allows bony ingrowth 2,3

Open architecture of the HEALICOIL PK Hip Suture Anchor allows for new bone to fill the fenestrations between threads and into the central channel as demonstrated in a sheep study.2,3

High torsional strength provides predictable insertion 4

The HEALICOIL Inserter engages 100% the anchor's length, minimizing stress and providing predictable insertion into bone - essential when placing anchors into hard bone.4

Strong fixation strength with less material4

Compared to a conventional solid-core anchor, the unique open-architecture design of the HEALICOIL PK Hip Suture Anchor reduces the amount of material left behind while providing excellent fixation strength.4

Proven biocompatibility from PEEK-OPTIMA® Polymer from Invibio®

Proven biocompatibility, strength, and radiolucency  


  1. James E. Voos, MD, Michael K. Shindle, MD, Arianna Pruett, Peter D. Asnis, MD and Bryan T. Kelly, MD, “Endoscopic Repair of Gluteus Medius Tendon Tears of the Hip,” AM J Sports Med, April 2009 vol. 37 no. 4 743-747. 
  2. All data on file at Smith & Nephew, 15001193.
  3. Note: Animal data is not necessarily indicative of human clinical outcomes. These results have not been demonstrated in humans having a variety of bone quality based on specific disease states such as osteoporosis. The effect of formation of new bone on pullout strength was not shown. 
  4. ITR-4700: HEALICOIL Suture Anchor competitive testing. Data on file, September 2011.


Ordering Information

HEALICOIL PK Hip Suture Anchor

Reference # Description
72203378 4.5 mm HEALICOIL PK Suture Anchor with two ULTRABRAID*
  (#2) Sutures (blue, blue-Cobraid), sterile
72203379 5.5 mm HEALICOIL PK Suture Anchor with two ULTRABRAID
  (#2) Sutures (blue, blue-Cobraid), sterile
72203380 5.5 mm HEALICOIL PK Suture Anchor with three ULTRABRAID
  (#2) Sutures (blue, blue-Cobraid, Cobraid-black), sterile

Accessory Devices

Reference # Description
72202621 3.8 mm Tapered Awl, disposable
72201915 3.8 mm Tapered Awl, reusable
72203335 4.5 mm HEALICOIL Awl Dilator, reusable
72203336 5.5 mm HEALICOIL Awl Dilator, reusable
72203482 3.5 mm HEALICOIL Spade Tip Drill for use with the 4.5 mm
72203483 4.5 mm HEALICOIL Spade Tip Drill for use with the 5.5 mm

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