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Release System


In conjunction with Yasushi Nakao, M.D., Smith & Nephew has developed an endoscopic approach to “Flexor Tendon Release” for fingers and thumbs due to stenosing tenosynovitis. Our minimally invasive approach is designed to decrease patient discomfort while incorporating the maximum safety element of releasing the A1 pulley under direct endoscopic vision. The system and technique combine to minimize patient risk commonly associated with conventional “Open” or “Blind” percutaneous techniques.

  • Complete endoscopic system approach to restore full range of motion
  • Unique “Window Cannulae” provides protected view of operative site
  • Release of A1 Pulley accomplished under direct endoscopic view
  • Small incisions minimize post operative discomfort
  • Maximum benefit achieved in patients that require multiple releases

For consistent, secure repairs, choose ENDOSCOPIC TRIGGER FINGER release system—only from Smith & Nephew, a world leader in technique innovation for endoscopy.

Ordering Information

Ref. Description
7207698 Complete System

System Includes:
7207689 Cannula, Operative, 2.9 mm, Short Window
3807 Obturator, Conical, 2.9 mm, Short
7207741 Cannula, Operative, 2.9 mm, Long Window
7207721 Obturator, Conical, 2.9 mm, Long
7207697 Curved Blunt Dissector
7207875 Probe, 2.2 mm
7207696 Trigger Finger Sterilization Tray, 9 inches x 10 inches x 3 inches

Single Use Accessories
7207690 Trigger Finger Retrograde Knife, Yellow, Sterile, Box of 6
7207693 Trigger Finger Triangle Knife, Pumpkin, Sterile, Box of 6
7207730 Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicators, 20 pkgs of 5 each