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Revision Cemented




ECHELON Revision Cemented implants are part of a family of femoral stems that address primary and revision situations. With one set of instruments, a variety of stems can be implanted.

System Features

Double Taper Proximal Geometry -Limits shear stresses and promotes compressive stress transfer between the cement and implant.

Proximal A/P Groove - Increases rotational stability without increasing cement stresses.

Trapezoidal Distal Cross Section - Improves resistance to rotation.

Driving Platform - The ECHELON  implants feature a threaded driving platform with an elliptical slot for rotational and axial implant control during insertion.

Neck Geometry - Circulotrapezoidal neck provides increased range of motion compared to a circular neck of the same strength.

Collar Options - A standard collar and two calcar platforms are available to match the implant to the proximal defect.

Available Lengths - 175, 225 and 300mm

Download the ECHELON Cemented Revision Surgical Technique