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The Smith+Nephew DYONICS PLATINUM FLYER blade tip and window are designed to offer surgeons ease of access when addressing tight joint spaces1. With a concave window designed to maximize resection and lower clogging rate2, the PLATINUM FLYER is a specialty blade capable of performing a variety of arthroscopic soft tissue resection needs1.

  • Minimizes potential for damage to surrounding tissues during insertion and removal1
  • Surgeons have identified the DYONICS PLATINUM FLYER blade to meet various arthroscopic soft tissue resection needs1
  • Window designed to maximize resection rate and limit clogging rate1
  • Concave cut increases window area by up to 57% rather than if a straight cut design was utilized3
  • Minimal metal debris generation during soft tissue resection1,4*

*Based on bench top testing


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72205292             DYONICS PLATINUM 4.0 FLYER Blade

Satisfaction Guarantee

DYONICS PLATINUM Series Blades deliver leading-edge performance. Each single-use blade is designed to be more effective than competitor blades in terms of resection rate and clogging; helping busy arthroscopists operate efficiently.1

We guarantee your unconditional satisfaction with PLATINUM Series Blades. If you are not satisfied, you may return the unused portion of your PLATINUM Blade order for a credit by contacting Smith & Nephew Returns at:

  • +1 800 347 5717, option 3 or +1 978 749 1140.
  • This request for a return and credit authorization must be initiated within 30 days of your purchase.
  • This offer expires on December 31, 2020

PLATINUM Blade Part Numbers:
72202531, 72202530, 72203523, 72203524, 72203521 72203522, 72203013, 72203519, 72205109, 72205110 72205106, 72205107, 7225108, 7220592

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