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DOUBLEFLO Inflow/Outflow Pump


Clearly focused on what matters

An integrated inflow/outflow pump to help simplify workflows across diverse clinical and surgeon needs1,2

Arthroscopic surgery can present many distractions, costing time, money, and concentration. To deliver consistent and reliable performance, the DOUBLEFLO Inflow/Outflow Pump is designed for simplicity through an intuitive interface and effortless setup and operation. Minimizing adjustments and errors, it aims to keep the focus on what’s most important – the patient.

  • Simple – easy to set-up, with uncomplicated tube loading and user-friendly operation
  • Effective – efficient, consistent pressure and debris removal for clear visualisation and maintained distention
  • Connected – full network connectivity through the INTELLIO™ Connected Tower Solution


Requiring no calibration step prior to use, no fill chamber on inflow tubing, and no pinch points or covers, the DOUBLEFLO Pump helps busy surgeons and staff focus on patients rather than equipment.

A clear view starts with optimal fluid management

The DOUBLEFLO Inflow/Outflow Pump features various features and accessories to help simplify surgeon workflows and streamline procedures.

Remote control to change settings quickly and conveniently throughout the procedure.




A day tube set helps minimize waste by extending saline use and tubing beyond a single procedure.


Supplied with a connection link to the INTELLIO Connected Tower Solution.

Simple, centralized control

Facilitating full wireless control over fluid management - with a one-touch app setup and real-time display of critical settings - the DOUBLEFLO Pump is designed to perform as part of the INTELLIO Connected Tower Solution.


Raise the bar in your OR

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