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Wand with FLOW~IQ Technology


Control the flow for optimal performance on multiple tissue types. 
 Flow 50 tissue types

  •  FLOW~IQ Technology provides automated outflow control that delivers a new standard of ablation performance.
  • The FLOW 50 Wand adapts to multiple tissue types such as articular cartilage, meniscus, and ligamentous tissue, efficiently resecting targeted tissue while preserving healthy surrounding tissue.


FLOW~IQ technology provides automated wand suction to optimize performance across tissue types.

  • FLOW~IQ technology changes the size and intensity of the plasma field based on desired tissue effects.1
  • Enables VAC mode to rinse the joint and clear debris – with a simple push of a button.2


1. Smith & Nephew data on file P/N 69761 page 27.
2. Smith & Nephew FLOW 50 IFU (P/N 65994)


Manufactured by ArthroCare Corporation, 7000 W. William Cannon Drive, Austin, TX 78735

Ordering Information

Ordering information

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72290037       WEREWOLF FLOW 50 COBLATION Wand