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CAP-FIX Capsular Management Family

A family of products for all capsular management needs – an essential part of our hip repair solutions

Optimised sharpness1,2

CAP-FIX Capsular Management solutions are designed to help you sharpen your technique, from open to close:

  • Start a successful capsulotomy with our range of CAP-FIX Blades
  • Complete the repair using our range of CAP-FIX Suture Passers

Go beyond the repair with our evolving hip repair solutions.

Optimised for capsular closure

CAP-FIX Suture Passers offer optimised sharpness, strength, suture throw and trajectory.1,2 Compatible with Vicryl™ size 2, ULTRABRAID size 2, MINITAPE and MAGNUMWIRE size 2 sutures. Vicryl™ suture has been shown to be damaged less by the CAP-FIX Suture Passer than the Stryker SlingShot™ 3


CAP FIX Suture Passers reduce the number of steps required for capsule closure, compared to suture shuttling, with the ability to reach clinically relevant zones for interportal and T-capsulotomy closure.1 Available in 45° and 70° angles.

Versatile blade options

CAP-FIX Blades are available in curved and straight designs, featuring a textured handle to aid gripping or single-piece pencil-grip configurations. Working lengths are able to fit our standard hip-length cannulas.*

Can withstand breakage

CAP-FIX Blades resist breakage when withstanding extreme deformation,4 with optimised sharpness to cut through hip capsule tissue5 for interportal and T-capsulotomy.

*See Instructions for Use (IFU) for compatible cannulas.

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