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Suture Anchor


Tested and trusted. Now with needles.

Bioraptor 2.9 AB with Needles

BIORAPTOR Suture Anchors provide a reliable soft-tissue repair solution for shoulder joint instability repairs. First designed for arthroscopic repair techniques, BIORAPTOR suture anchors are now available with needles to accommodate open and mini-open repair procedures. Available in 2.3 mm and 2.9 mm diameters, the anchors include preloaded ULTRABRAID Suture. Each end of the suture includes a swaged-on half-circle cutting needle, which is housed behind a protective pull-away panel in the inserter handle.

BIORAPTOR 2.3 PK Suture Anchor with Needles

Bioraptor 2.3 PK Suture Anchor

  • Small diameter anchor allows more fixation points and easier positioning along the joint surface.
  • Rib design and ultra high-strength polymer provide strong fixation characteristics.
  • Robust suture interface with recessed suture bridge protects against possible suture pull-through without decreasing suture management capabilities.
  • PEEK-OPTIMA® from Invibio® offers a strong, nonabsorbable inert material that is widely accepted across a broad span of implant applications.

BIORAPTOR 2.9 AB Suture Anchor with Needles

Bioraptor 2.9 AB Suture Anchor

  • Simple tap-in design offers a secure solution for bioabsorbable fixation.
  • Deep-seated eyelet allows easy suture sliding, minimizes eyelet cut-through and ensures good tissue-to-bone contact.
  • Strong pullout strength provides a reliable and effective instability repair.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

72201702 BIORAPTOR 2.9 AB Suture Anchor with two #2 ULTRABRAID Sutures (white, cobraid blue), with needles
72201703 BIORAPTOR 2.3 PK Suture Anchor with one #2 ULTRABRAID Suture (cobraid blue), with needles
72201704 BIORAPTOR 2.3 PK Suture Anchor with one #2 ULTRABRAID Suture (cobraid black), with needles
72201705 2.9 mm slotted drill guide
72201706 2.3 mm slotted drill guide