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Soft Tissue Drill Guide System

ACUFEX DIRECTOR ELITE Soft Tissue Drill Guide System



Swing-out drill racks
Tightly organized for OR efficiency, swing-out racks include slots for virtually every instrument — from whole and even half-size drills to aimers and chondral picks. No more searching the bottom tray for an instrument.

Extra room if you need it
Even with the swing-out racks, the bottom of the tray still has room for loose instruments.

Small footprint
Efficient design eliminates the need to lift out a top tray, reducing the area you need for the drill guide system.

Designed from customer input
Designed using feedback gained from our Voice of the Customer program, this modular and highly-organized system is what you've been asking for.

Stainless-steel outer construction
Durable; no plastic to fade, crack or break. Typical weight fully loaded: 16-18 lbs. Maximum allowable weight: 22 lbs.

Director Tray

Organized. Comprehensive. Durable.
There is no shortage of adjectives to describe our new instrument tray, the ACUFEX DIRECTOR ELITE ACL Drill Guide System. Likewise, there is no shortage of places to store instruments. The swing-out racks and mini trays provide a slot for everything, from drills to aimers, to rasps and chondral picks. We even left some free space for loose instruments.

Ordering Information

ACL Drill Guide System

System Includes:

72201731 Sterilization tray
013498 Cannulated drill, 5 mm
7207491 Cannulated drill, 5.5 mm
013542 Cannulated drill, 6 mm
7207483 Cannulated drill, 6.5 mm
013543 Cannulated drill, 7 mm
7207484 Cannulated drill, 7.5 mm
013544 Cannulated drill, 8 mm
7207485 Cannulated drill, 8.5 mm
013545 Cannulated drill, 9 mm
013546 Cannulated drill, 10 mm
013547 Cannulated drill, 11mm
013548 Cannulated drill, 12mm
7208686 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 5 mm
7207482 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 5.5 mm
013499 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 6 mm
7207492 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 6.5 mm
013660 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 7 mm
7207493 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 7.5 mm
013661 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 8 mm
7207494 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 8.5 mm
013662 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 9 mm
013663 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 10mm
013664 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 11mm
013665 Endoscopic cannulated drill, 12mm
72201732 Universal endofemoral aimer
72201737 Endofemoral aimer arm, no offset
72201713 Endofemoral aimer arm, 3 mm offset


Endofemoral aimer arm, 4 mm offset


Endofemoral aimer arm, 5 mm offset


Endofemoral aimer arm, 6 mm offset

72201717 Endofemoral aimer arm, 7 mm offset
7205517 ACUFEX DIRECTOR drill guide
7205521 2.0-5.0 offset guide
7205622 NOTCHMASTER 8.0 mm Curette
7209214 Slotted sizing block

Accessories available

72201735 5-6 mm bone tunnel plug
72201733 5 mm half-round rasp
72201734 6 mm half-round rasp
72201883 Chondral pick, small 20°
72201884 Chondral pick, large 20°
72201885 Chondral pick, small 40°
72201886 Chondral pick, large 40°
72201736 Chondral pick, small 90°