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Femoral Tunnel Depth Gauge

ACUFEX Femoral Tunnel Depth Gauge


The ACUFEX Tunnel Gauge from Smith & Nephew offers knee surgeons an ideal way to estimate total femoral tunnel lengths when performing ligament reconstruction, with an outside-in, cannulated depth gauge.

Easy to use
•  Estimate total femoral tunnel length with one step
 • Does not require removal of passing pin, or drilling of a 4.5 mm femoral tunnel.

Provides tactile feedback
• Proximal end is tapered to allow tactile contact with cortical bone, reducing soft-tissue interference.

Easy-to-read femoral tunnel lengths
• Laser-marked from 10 – 80 mm
• Length measurements are read at distal tip of passing pin

• Cannulated design works with Smith & Nephew 2.4 mm flexible and rigid passing pins, as well as 2.7 mm rigid passing pins.
• Can be used with all Smith & Nephew femoral drills, including flexible and rigid.
• Accommodates both medial portal and transtibial femoral tunnel drilling techniques.

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