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Handheld Instrumentation for Knee

ACUFEX Knee Handheld Instrumentation


Built on a reputation for optimal maneuverability, sharpness, precision and strength, Smith & Nephew ACUFEX* Handheld Instruments offers a full line of punches, scissors, graspers and knives.

Designed for strength
All of ACUFEX Instruments are designed with our pinless hinge - ensuring ideal strength and cutting efficiency.

Manufacturing expertise
We not only design these instruments, we designed the machines that make these instruments.

Master craftsmanship
A proprietary sharpening process allows our cutting instruments to make clean scissor-like cuts for a faster, easier procedure with less tissue trauma.

Handle Selection Guide


Loop Handle: Scissors, basket punches, and graspers feature our traditional loop-style handles.

ACUFEX Pro Handle


ACUFEX Pro Handle: Ergonomic design featured on selected punches, scissors and graspers.

Cigar Handle


Cigar Handle: Available on rotary basket punches and scissors.

ACUFEX Grasper Handle


ACUFEX Grasper Handle: All ACUFEX graspers feature this infinite-position, locking-handle design.

Shape Selection Guide

AccufexHandheldInstrumentationforKnee_Overview_ShapeSelectionGuide1 Straight: The primary style for direct approach Upbiter: Angled 1/4 curve at tip for increased access to the posterior meniscus Upswept: Angled shaft follows the contour of the condyle and keeps the cutting surface parallel to the tibial plateau
Acufex_Overview_ShapeSelectionGuide2 Left and Right: Angled to reach the anterior and posterior meniscus

ACUFEX Instrumentation

ACUFEX and ACUFEX Pro Punches

Smith & Nephew ACUFEX punches are designed with a broad range of tips and configuration allowing easy access to specific areas of the meniscus.

Basket Punches - Narrowline

- Narrow shaft and compact jaw design facilitates access and use in tight spaces.
- Particularly useful in the posterior aspect of the knee.


Basket Punches - Duckbill

- All-purpose, low-profile punches with a large square bite.


Oval Punches

- Offer the lowest profile and largest bite, facilitating end-on and lateral cutting.
- The most versatile instrument available.


Basket Punches - Blunt Nose

- ACUFEX loop handle
- Blunt nose enables flush contouring of meniscus

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunchesBluntNose

Basket Punches - Duckling

- Lower-profile relation to the Duckbill, maintaining a large square bite and maximizing maneuverability

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunchesDuckling1
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunchesDuckling2
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunchesDuckling3

Meniscal OVERBITER Punch

- Where access is Required into the superior meniscal flap region


Posterior Punches

- For the specific requirements of the posterior horn of the meniscus
- Short, low profile jaw facilitates working in the tight confines of the posterior aspect of the knee

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_PosteriorPunches

Basket Punches - STINGRAY

Enable simple access to the anterior horn of the meniscus

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunchesStingray

Basket Punches - Scoop

Classic punch shape with parrot beak upper jaw to aid in the capture of tissue

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunchesScoop1
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunchesScoop2
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunchesScoop3

Basket Punches - Meniscal Elevator

Extended lip of lower jaw assists in placement underneath less mobile menisci

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunchesMeniscalElevator1
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunchesMeniscalElevator2

Basket Punches - 90° Rotary

- With loop or cigar handle

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_BasketPunches90Rotary

DYOVAC Suction Punches

- Offers dual convenience of resecting tissue while simultaneously evacuating through a suction channel in the instrument

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_DyovacSuctionPunches1
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_DyovacSuctionPunches2
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_DyovacSuctionPunches3

ACUFEX and ACUFEX Pro Scissors


Rotary Scissors

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_RotaryScissor1
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_RotaryScissor2
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_RotaryScissor3

Scissor Punches

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_ ScissorPunches  

ACUFEX and ACUFEX Pro Graspers

Graspers - Loosebody Forceps

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_ GraspersLoosebodyForceps  

Graspers - Cupped

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_ GraspersCupped

Graspers - Rongeur

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_ GraspersRongeur  

Graspers - Alligator

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_ GraspersAlligator1
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_ GraspersAlligator2

Graspers - Atraumatic

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_GraspersAtraumatic1
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_GraspersAtraumatic2


AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_Hook
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_Rossette
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_Banana
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_Meniscectomy1
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_Meniscectomy2
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_Meniscectomy3
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_Meniscectomy4
Reusable handle for disposable knife
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_ReusableHandle


AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_Straight
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_Cannular
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_Curved
Heavy Hook
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_HeavyHook


Instrumentation Sterilization Trays

AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_InstrumentationSterilizationTrays1
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_InstrumentationSterilizationTrays2
AcufexHandheld InstrumentationforKnee_AcufexInstrumentation_InstrumentationSterilizationTrays3

Catalog for Knee System

Ordering Information

Made to Order

Made to Order products have longer production times. Please contact your sales representative or Customer Service for more information.

Basket Punches - Narrowline
7207658 Upbiter, curved left, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207659 Upswept, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207660 Upbiter, curved right, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207552 Upswept, with larger finger and thumb loops
7207053 Straight, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207052 Upbiter, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7208679 1.5 mm 45° tip left
7208685 1.5 mm 45° tip right

Basket Punches - Duckbill
7207664 Upbiter, curved right, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207667 Upbiter, curved left, ACUFEX Pro Handle

Basket Punches - DUCKLING
7207668 Elevator, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207000 Upbiter
7207672 Upswept, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7205979 Upswept, low profile extended 20 mm
7207547 DUCKLING, 20° downbiter

Basket Punches - Posterior
7207665 Straight, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207666 Upswept, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207661 Upbiter, curved left, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207662 Upbiter, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207663 Upbiter, curved right, ACUFEX Pro Handle

Basket Punches - Scoop
72200719 1.0 mm straight, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207657 1.3 mm curved left, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207656 1.3 mm curved right, ACUFEX Pro Handle
72200716 1.3 mm, upbiter, ACUFEX Pro Handle

Basket Punches - Meniscal Elevator
7207671 1.5 mm, upbiter, ACUFEX Pro Handle

Basket Punches - Oval
3134238 Curved left at 40 mm from tip
7207533 Upbiter with larger finger and thumb loops

Basket Punches - Extended Length
7207737 DUCKLING, upswept, length extended by 2.25"
7207733 Narrowline upbiter, length extended by 2.25"
7207734 Narrowline upbiter, curved right, length extended by 2.25"

Basket Punches - STINGRAY
7210730 STINGRAY Basket Punch, Right, length extended by 2.25"
7210731 STINGRAY Basket Punch, Left, length extended by 2.25"

Scissors Punches
7207669 Upbiter, curved left, ACUFEX Pro Handle
7207670 Upbiter, curved right, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207673 2.7 mm upcurved grasper, Alligator, ACUFEX Pro Handle
3134239 Grasper, cupped, 3.4 mm, no teeth
6900595Z Grasper, Johnson Jaw, 130 mm long
7205983 Grasper, Johnson Jaw Jr., 130 mm long

7207553 RAPTOR rongeur with larger finger and thumb loops
7210757 RAPTOR Jr., down swept 10°

Rongeur - Extended Length
7207732 RAPTOR rongeur, length extended by 2.25"

Knives - Reusable
3134216 3.0 mm, straight, sharp tip
3134217 5.0 mm, straight, sharp tip

010001 Straight
010525 Cannular, 3.0 mm, straight
010002 Curved, left 30°
010003 Curved, Right 30°
7204869 3.0 mm, heavy hook (with handle)

Magnetic Retrievers
011501 3.0 mm, curved, 30°
011502 4.0 mm, straight
6900491 2.0 mm, Golden Retriever

Instrument Sterilization Trays
7207161 Smith & Nephew ACUFEX Pro Seven-Unit Sterilization Tray (for ACUFEX Pro, ProLine, or ACUFEX hand-held instruments)  
7207162 Smith & Nephew ACUFEX Pro Fifteen-Unit Sterilization Tray (for ACUFEX Pro, ProLine, or ACUFEX hand-held instruments)  
011673 Linear Instruments Fifteen-Unit Sterilization Tray  
011695 Rotary Instruments Four-Unit Sterilization Tray  
011694 Arthroplasty Instruments Seven-Unit Sterilization Tray