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Introducing four new ACUFEX curettes for small joint arthroscopy. This set of uniquely angled instruments allows extraordinary access to hard-to-reach anatomy. So now, virtually any osseous or chondral lesion can be treated through any portal, from any angle.

Variety of angles

Provides the maneuverability you need to access everything
from mild chondral lesions to severe intra articular fractures

Exceptional sharpness

Designed for superior control and performance

Small shafts

Sized especially for small joint anatomy
Now you can shave
Now you can shave, smooth and rough up
cartilage and bone surfaces in areas that were
previously unreachable.

The Anterior Lesion Curette
The Anterior Lesion Curette lets you remove
exactly what you want, without disturbing
healthy cartilage.

“These four new hand instruments allow precision cutting and trimming
of cartilage at angles that were never possible before. They were a much
needed addition to my small joint instrument tray.”
-Richard Ferkel, MD

15° Open Curette, 4 mm

15° Open Curette

30° Open Curette, 2.5 mm

30° Open Curette

15° Open Curette, 2.5 mm

15° Open Curette

Anterior Lesion Curette, 2.5 mm

Anterior Lesion Curette

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

72201376 15° Open Curette, 4 mm
72201377 30° Open Curette, 2.5 mm
72201378 15° Open Curette, 2.5 mm
72201379 Anterior Lesion Curette, 2.5 mm