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Limb Positioning

SPIDER2 Limb Positioner system

Product Information

The SPIDER2 Limb Positioner allows proper patient positioning for shoulder, knee and small joint arthroscopy. The integrated positioning switch rids you of tedious manual adjustments and readjustments during surgery.

Advanced Sterile Drape with Distal Activation Switch
An integrated patient-positioning switch is located on the sterile drape for easy access. The distal activation switch eliminates the need for a foot pedal (provided as option).

Increased Rigidity
System maintains a steady position from start to finish.

Lightweight System with Universal Clamp
This easy-to-maneuver, lightweight* system can be used with all types of surgical beds while eliminating the need for adaptors.

Battery Powered
Surgery is no longer dependant on OR settings for air pressure; this chargeable battery provides power suited for use in domestic or international facilities.


  • Allows unimpeded access to the elbow joint
  • Enables easy positioning of elbow in extended or flexed position
  • Delivers full control of supination or pronation position with 90° connector
  • Facilitates ideal positioning for supine elbow arthroscopy or open elbow procedures


  • Offers unimpeded access to the surgical wrist
  • Delivers measured traction without weights
  • Provides exceptional control of both supination and pronation positioning
  • Facilitates ideal positioning for pinning and fracture work


*Data on file from TENET Medical Engineering, file name: Marketing Justification for SPIDER2.

Manufactured by TENET Medical Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of Smith & Nephew Inc.

Ordering Information

Reference # Description 
72203299 SPIDER2 Limb Positioner
72203300 Switch Drape (case of 20)
72203301 SPIDER2 Battery Pack
7210570 Piggy Back Connector (2 per box, required for all sterile procedures)

72200660 Wrist Arthroscopy Accessory
7210577 TENET Traction Accessory
72200664 Wrist Counter Traction Post
72201550 Small Wrist Stabilization Kit (case of 5)
72201551 Medium Wrist Stabilization Kit (case of 5)
72201552 Large Wrist Stabilization Kit (case of 5)

7210572 Elbow Connection Bar (2 units)
7210574 Elbow Stabilization Kit 
7210749 90° Connector 

72200918 SPIDER Cart

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