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Product Overview

Smith and Nephew offers smaller, size appropriate instrumentation for the wrist and elbow procedures you routinely perform.  This system includes a full selection of microfracture picks, curettes, osteotomes, elevators, probes and a wide array of punches and graspers.  The tray offers convenient storage for manual and handheld instruments as well as cannulas, obturators and MICRO VECTOR to deliver an all-inclusive solution for wrist and elbow arthroscopy.  Available as a complete set or a la carte, you can truly make this set your own.  Ask your local representation for a demo and see for yourself what sets this instrument set apart from the competition. 


Features and Benefits of our Instrumentation

  • Handles are color-coded according to instrument type for quick identification.
  • Smaller tips, shorter working lengths and more ergonomic handles than instrumentation designed for larger joints.
  • Proprietary Pick Assist prevents skiving and ensures tapping will align force in the direction of pick tip.

Instrumentation includes:

  • Microfracture Picks
  • Curettes
  • Osteotomes
  • Elevators
  • Probes


This information is intended for health care professionals in the United States only.

Caution: US Federal law restricts the sale of these devices to or on the order of a physician.

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