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Limb Restoration

Limb Restoration

Limb restoration is the treatment of limb length discrepancies in the bone. The differences in limb length may be caused by a traumatic accident where a bone has not healed properly, bone infection or even a congenital birth defect. There are many other reasons why you would have to wear the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME


The ILIZAROVTM  [Ill-is-are-off] method takes advantage of the body's remarkable ability to grow new bone tissue. It involves the surgical application of a circular, metal frame called the ILIZAROV fixator around the affected limb. Rings are attached to each segment of the original bone using pins and wires, which hold each bone segment in place while new tissue is growing and maturing.

DISCLAIMER: The information that you will read here about the ILIZAROV Method and the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME external fixator is not a complete resource guide about these unique technologies. Please consult your orthopaedic surgeon for medical guidance about these technologies and whether or not you are a candidate for these procedures.

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