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Hip Arthroscopy


Until recent years, patients suffering from hip conditions had limited treatment options, which meant they were often forced to live with the pain until a total hip replacement was needed. Thanks to arthroscopic hip products from Smith & Nephew, there are now minimally invasive surgical procedures available that may provide relief or improvement for a variety of conditions.

Hip arthroscopy is used primarily for the treatment of labral tears, hip impingement, articular cartilage injuries, and the removal of loose bodies in the joint. Through an incision the width of a straw tip, your surgeon is able to insert a scope, which allows him or her to inspect the joint and locate the source of your pain. Your surgeon will then make one or more small incisions to accommodate the instruments used to treat the hip. These instruments can shave, trim, cut, stitch, or smooth the damaged areas. Most procedures are performed in an outpatient surgery center, which means no overnight hospital stay is required.


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