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Hip Treatments

Hip Treatment Options

What are your options for treating hip injuries and reducing hip arthritis?

To help you decrease hip pain and inflammation and increase your ability to enjoy everyday activities, you and your physician may develop a treatment pathway which can entail lifestyle modifications, exercise and physical therapy, medications, nutritional supplements and surgical options. Designed especially for you, this treatment pathway is based on the severity of your arthritis, other medical conditions, age and your day-to-day activity level.

Your Hip Anatomy


Nutrition and Medication

Explore analgesics, non-steroidal medication and nutrition. Discover help for arthritis pain and joint pain.

How your doctor chooses treatment

What are active choices for hip pain sufferers? Are hip replacement or hip resurfacing treatments right for my joint pain?

Lifestyle Modifications

Learn about controlling arthritis and other joint pain and lifestyle modifications for hip health.

Hip arthroscopy

Explore this minimally invasive procedure used to treat injuries and arthritic symptoms of the hip.

Hip Resurfacing

Learn more about an option for an active, younger male patient. 

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Read about hip replacement surgery and the options.   

Hip revision surgery

Find out about some of the situations that require hip revision surgery.

Hip Fractures

Learn more about Hip Fractures and the available treatment options

Please discuss nutrition, medication and treatment options with your doctor to make sure you are getting the proper care for your particular situation.  The information on this site does not replace your doctor's specific instructions.