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Anatomic ACL Guide System


ACUFEX PINPOINT Anatomic ACL Guide System

Offering a reliable reproducible technique1, ACUFEX PINPOINT Anatomic ACL Guide System provides versatile and easy-to-use instruments that enable visualization of the size and placement of femoral tunnel(s) in the native anatomic location while allowing transition from trans-tibial to medial portal drilling.

Easily configurable, our ACL Guide System can be used for a variety of techniques including:
- Double-bundle, Outside-in Technique
- Single-bundle, Outside-in Technique
- Double-bundle, Inside-out Technique
- Single-bundle, Inside-out Technique

Benefits Include:
Enhanced Visualization
- Optimized for use in 90° of flexion
- Designed for use in the lateral portal
- Allows scope to be placed in the medial portal Accurate Tunnel Placement and Size2
- Determine tunnel placement and size prior to drilling
- Accounts for anatomic relationship of AM and PL bundles
- Facilitates accurate tunnel placement with or without bony landmarks3

Complete Footprint Coverage
- Assess femoral footprint coverage
- Depth markings in one-millimeter increments
- Guides feature multiple size templates Versatility
- Inside-out and outside-in drilling options
- Single and double bundle configurations
- Primary and revision cases

1, 2, 3, 4 ITR 15001388, Data on file at Smith & Nephew.


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