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Cementless and Cemented Stem System

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The POLARSTEM has been clinically used since 2002 with excellent clinical results for over 10 years1,2 and is based on a philosophy that has yielded excellent clinical results in the last +25 years.3,4

The simple surgical technique leads to reproducible results and allows implantation using both conventional and minimally invasive techniques.2,5-9

The POLARSTEM can be used for all standard femoral morphologies. The range of stems allows the implant to be matched to the vast majority of bone sizes, thereby reproducing the natural hip architecture.6

POLAR3 is the primary hip replacement construct of choice:

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1Subject to the indications, contraindications, risk factors, intraoperative, postoperative and other guidance provided in the instructions for use and surgical technique brochure. Cementless and cemented stem options for different intramedullary anatomies and bone qualities (Surgical technique Lit. 1513, Instruction for use Lit. 12.23, X-Ray templates Lit. 2193, 2196)

2Easy implantation with state-of-the-art less-invasive approaches, such as the direct anterior approach. (Product description Lit. 1640)

3Tested and approved with appropriately sized femoral head options offered by Smith&Nephew. Stainless steel heads should not be combined with titanium stems. (Instruction for use Lit. 12.23 and information Lit. 2174)

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