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Turbinator Reduction Wand

Turbinator Reduction Wand


The TURBINATOR Wand using COBLATION plasma technology reduces hypertrophic turbinates submucosally and provides hemostasis with its built-in bipolar coagulation feature.

Designed to clear the surgical site of ablated tissue, the TURBINATOR Wand provides immediate, visible removal of submucosal tissue via its integrated suction capabilities. Saline is pumped into the turbinate through the Wand’s saline delivery ports to ensure production of consistent, efficient plasma. The plasma ablates submucosal tissue which is then removed through the wand’s tip.

Our COBLATION plasma technology uses bipolar energy to help control the amount of energy and heat delivered to the surrounding tissue.

  • Active electrode coupled with saline delivery produces plasma field within turbinate
  • 2.9mm diameter shaft with angled tip allows insertion into hypertrophic turbinates
  • Depth markers indicate depth of Wand within turbinate
  • Longitudinal line allows for easy recognition of Wand orientation

*The Saline Irrigation Pump (part # SIP001-00) is required to use the TURBINATOR turbinate reduction Wand.

COBLATION Plasma Technology

By combining bipolar energy with continuous saline delivery, our COBLATION technology devices are able to create a stable plasma layer of only 100μm-200μm thick around the active electrode. This allows for the precise excision of tissue while minimizing the heat that is transferred to the patient and ensures a controlled amount of plasma throughout the entire procedure.

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