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COBLATION Technology for turbinate reduction procedures

COBLATION Technology for turbinate reduction procedures

How does it work?

COBLATION Plasma Technology works through the creation and application of a high-energy field called ‘glow discharge plasma.’ This controlled plasma field ablates tissue through a chemical process whereby the highly-energized particles in the plasma break down molecules in the tissue, immediately vaporizing mass and providing resistive heating.

Unique anatomies call for unique solutions

Minimally invasive hypertrophic turbinate procedures can be efficiently performed in the operating room or in office settings. 

Three options that allow you to customize treatment for every patient’s unique anatomy: 


REFLEX ULTRA 45 Turbinate Reduction Wands, or 

COBLATION TURBINATOR Turbinate Reduction Wand

COBLATION REFLEX ULTRA PTR and ULTRA 45 Turbinate Reduction Wands 

COBLATION treatment for hypertrophic turbinates results in immediate removal of central turbinate tissue and continued postoperative contraction of additional tissue for best-in-class results.3


  • May treat anterior and posterior aspects of the turbinate
  • REFLEX PTR: Two depth markers assist positioning and visibility with pointed tip
  • REFLEX 45: Three depth markers assist in positioning and visibility with blunt tip


COBLATION TURBINATOR Turbinate Reduction Wand

The TURBINATOR turbinate reduction wand is designed to allow for fast and efficient submucosal resection with built-in bipolar coag.

  • Immediate and visible removal of submucosal tissue
  • Targeted hemostasis with bipolar coagulation feature



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Turbinate Reducation Brochure

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