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PICO◊ system successful following reduction mammoplasty

Prophylactic use of PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (sNPWT) showed reduced wound complications in recent clinical evidence1

A study published in 2018, carried out by Dr Robert Galiano1, has demonstrated the efficacy of PICO sNPWT when used prophylactically following breast reduction surgery.

Read the full study of PICO use on closed incisions across 200 patients*


Impressive performance for fewer healing complications

PICO sNPWT was assessed for surgical site complications (SSC) following elective bilateral reduction mammoplasty after 21 days, compared with standard care1.


Improved healing1 and surgical scar appearance3

Wound healing complications showed a relative reduction of 8% after 21 days, compared with standard care1

Dehiscence showed a 38% relative reduction after 21 days.

Negative pressure wound therapy with PICO sNPWT appeared to provide a particular benefit in preventing wound complications in patients with a higher BMI1.


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Helping to reducce delays across patient profiles

At the healthcare provider’s discretion, patients can be safely discharged whilst still using disposable PICO sNPWT, offering potential reductions to your time and budgetary burdens.

PICO sNPWT continues to impress across surgical profiles

A recent meta-analysis by Dr Vicky Strugala demonstrated the success of PICO sNPWT across several specialties when used prophylactically, with a potential to help reduce costs and length of stay across varying patient profiles2

Read more about Dr Strugala’s meta-analysis here.

and compare it to your current wound treatment to discover how it could potentially save your staff time and money through a reduction in SSC. Please contact us for additional product information.


Full details of Dr Galiano’s study are available here, or download our shareable summary PDF.


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*Mean age of 35.7 years old.



1. Galiano RD, Hudson D, Shin J, et al. Incisional negative pressure wound therapy for prevention of wound healing complications following reduction mammoplasty. Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open 2018;6:e1560; doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000001560; Published online 12 January 2018.
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