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Our business

We are a diversified advanced medical technology company that supports healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries worldwide. We are a constituent of the UK’s FTSE100 and our shares are traded in London and New York. We have paid a dividend to shareholders on our Ordinary Shares every year since 1937.

We develop and produce pioneering products across our three franchises: Advanced Wound Management, Sports Medicine & ENT and Orthopaedics & Trauma

Our business is focused around our five strategic priorities: winning in established markets, accelerating development in emerging markets, innovating for value, simplifying and improving our operating model, and supplementing organic growth through acquisitions.

Our sales force

Sales representatives are highly trained and skilled individuals. Becoming a sales representative requires intense training, including passing a strict certification programme, before engaging in discussions with, and ultimately selling products to customers.

Once a sales representative is certified, they typically spend the majority of their time working directly with and supporting customers. They help to provide in-hospital support to aid in the effective use of our implants, instruments and medical products and techniques.


We have manufacturing facilities around the world, including: UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, India, China and Costa Rica.

We purchase raw materials, components, finished products and packaging materials from key suppliers that we select through our centralised procurement team.

We outsource manufacturing where necessary to obtain specialised expertise or where it is possible to gain lower cost without undue risk to intellectual property. Our suppliers are trained and monitored through on-site assessments and performance audits that include quality, service and delivery. Read more about our Compliance Programme for those working with us.

Medical education

We are proud to support the professional development of surgeons and nurses by providing them with medical education and training on our surgical devices and wound management products.

Every year thousands of customers attend our state-of-the-art training centres in the US, UK and China and Smith & Nephew courses at multiple hospitals and facilities around the world.

Working under expert guidance, attendees refine techniques and learn new skills, whilst experiencing the safe and effective use of our products. Read more about our education and training services. 

Research and development

We have a deep knowledge of the needs of surgeons and nurses, we understand the economic pressures healthcare payers work under, and we recognise that patients are demanding better treatment options to restore quality of life. These factors inform the research and development (R&D) strategy at the heart of our business model.  

Our history

We have a proud history of more than 160 years of improving health around the world.

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