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Chair's Statement

Dear Shareholder,

In 2019 Smith+Nephew delivered an improved revenue performance whilst embedding an authentic culture and undergoing a leadership change. The Board is pleased with the progress made, and encouraged by the opportunities ahead.

Chief Executive Officer

In October 2019 we announced the appointment of Roland Diggelmann as the Company’s new CEO, effective 1 November 2019. Roland replaced Namal Nawana who left by mutual agreement.

Roland joined Smith+Nephew’s Board as a Non-Executive Director in March 2018. The immediate availability of such a high quality individual, who had recently stood down from his previous executive role as CEO of Roche Diagnostics, enabled a rapid and seamless transition.

Roland is committed to Smith+Nephew’s strategy, purpose and culture pillars, which he fully endorsed as a Non-Executive Director. In his first few months as CEO he has brought both continuity and further improved performance, whilst also delivering on the Company’s strategic imperatives. The Board has welcomed his open and collaborative style and the strong leadership tone he sets, listening to employees and encouraging them to take responsibility and deliver our commitments.

I would also like to say thank you to Namal, who initiated much needed change to the Company during his time as CEO and put Smith+Nephew on an improved growth trajectory.


In-line with corporate governance best practice, the Board has heightened its focus on Smith+Nephew’s new ‘Life Unlimited’ purpose, culture pillars and wider stakeholders. We closely monitor the executive team’s work to embed the new culture, visiting sites and meeting and talking directly to employees as well as reviewing the results of employee engagement surveys. This work is led by our Compliance & Culture Committee.


The Board is acutely aware that financial performance is still the principal metric that determines if a company is delivering shareholder value.

In 2019 Smith+Nephew delivered significantly improved revenue growth over the prior year. At the same time, we continued to invest in the business, and completed and integrated a number of acquisitions. The Board endorses the management team’s stated ambition to sustain positive momentum in 2020 whilst continuing to invest for the medium-term.

The Board is pleased to recommend a Final Dividend of 23.1¢ per share.5 This, together with an Interim Dividend of 14.4¢ per share, will give a total distribution of 37.5¢ per share for 2019, representing year-on-year growth of 4% in the declared full year dividend.

This equates to 28.94p per share. In addition to these distributions, shareholders benefitted from a 28.3% increase in the share price over the course of 2019.


We set out our new Remuneration Policy on page 86 of this Annual Report, and will present this for shareholder approval at the Annual General Meeting in April 2020.

The policy is designed to increasestrategic alignment to drive top-line profitable and sustained growth, to simplify our remuneration framework and to make it more aspirational to incentivise and drive outstanding performance.

Angie Risley, the Chair of our Remuneration Committee, conducted an extensive shareholder engagement programme, meeting nearly half of our shareholders by value. We are very grateful to all of you who took the time to meet with her and comment on our proposals. We have made some changes reflecting the comments she received and look forward to your support.

Board changes

During 2019 Ian Barlow and Michael Friedman retired from the Board. Ian served as our Senior Independent Director and previously as Chair of the Audit Committee. Michael chaired our Compliance & Culture Committee. I thank them both for their leadership and service. Robin Freestone has succeeded Ian and Marc Owen has succeeded Michael.

2019 was a year of good progress and we enter the new decade as a strong and ambitious Company with a clear and unifying purpose. None of this would be possible without the dedication of our employees and the engagement of our shareholders. On behalf of the Board, I thank both groups for their continued support during what we believe is going to be an exciting new phase for Smith+Nephew.

Yours sincerely,
Roberto Quarta