ALLEVYN LIFE - Designed with the help of patients and clinicians

Involving 850 clinicians and over 50 hours of patient observations and in-depth interviews1, the research told us:

  • Leakage, visible appearance  of fluid and odour can be embarrassing and stigmatising1-3
  • Lack of protection from poor cushioning can cause fear and pain1-3
  • Dressings that don’t stay in place and fall off are highly frustrating and wasteful1-3
  • Frequent dressing changes and slow wound healing cause anxiety1-3

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What makes ALLEVYN LIFE Foam Dressings different?

ALLEVYN Bandage ALLEVYN LIFE Foam Dressings exceed expectations…through their unique key features:

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Visible change indicator
  • Discretion layer
  • Lock away core layer
  • Protective layer

These differentiating core design features contribute to improvements in patient wellbeing1, clinician satisfaction4,5 and improved resource and cost savings5-8.

How it works

Click on the video to see how ALLEVYN LIFE Foam Dressings work



Save clinician time and costs

64% cost reduction in dressings per patient per week6
In a year an estimated 2500 nursing days could be potentially released8
Demonstrated an increase in wear time by 52% in a clinical setting5

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